Precision Agriculture rt1-1

Facilitator - Dr. Ed Barnes, Director, Agricultural and Environmental Research, Cotton Incorporated
Precision Agriculture takes in a wide range of topics, including equipment like yield monitors, variable rate seeding and fertility, field conditions including residue management, seeding rates or whatever issue concerns a producer who is practicing or planning on getting into precision farming. Bring your questions on precision agriculture to this roundtable discussion.

Aerial Application: A Pilot's Perspective rt2-1
Facilitator - PERRY GALLOWAY, Arkansas Farmer: Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Rice, Grain Sorghum
From a Pilot Perspective: Perry Galloway, aerials applicator from Broadview Aviation, Gregory, AR will discuss aerial application and offer suggestions to make your relationship with your applicator more efficient, effective, and hopefully, offer a better return on investment.

New Technologies In Hybrid Rice rt3-1
Facilitator - Dr. Brian Ottis, Global Solutions Innovations Lead, RiceTec, Inc.
RiceTec strives to be a partner in the success of our customers. To that end, we will be discussing new technologies in the RiceTec portfolio that will provide our customer-partners additional tools for their success.

The New World Of Bollworm Management In Bt Cotton rt4-1
Facilitator - Dr. Angus Catchot, Extension Entomologist, Mississippi State University
Facilitator - DR. Scott Stewart, Professor and IPM Coordinator, University of Tennessee
Facilitator - DR. Jeff Gore, Associate Research and Extension Professor, Mississippi State University
Facilitator - DR. David Kerns, Professor, IPM Coordinator and Extension Specialist, Texas A&M University
Facilitator - Tucker Miller III, Mississippi Consultant, Miller Entomological Services Inc.
Facilitator - John Lindamood, Owner, Lindamood Planting Company Tennessee Farmer: Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans
Bollworm management is changing. With over 40 years of use, pyrethroid insecticides no longer provide reliable control of this pest, and bollworm resistance to Bt technologies has become evident 20 years after their introduction into the U.S. cotton and corn markets. This panel will lead discussions about the performance of old and new Bt cotton traits, the efficacy and need for foliarly-applied insecticides, and present strategies and solutions to managing this pest in 2018 and beyond. Be prepared to participate!

Soil Moisture Sensors Sold And Supported In The Mid-South rt5-1
Facilitator - H. C. (Lyle) Pringle, III, Associate Agricultural Engineer, Mississippi State University / Delta Research And Extension Center
Facilitator - DR. Chris Henry, Assistant Professor And Water Management Engineer, University of Arkansas
Facilitator - Robby Bevis, Arkansas Farmer: Soybeans, Cotton, Corn, Rice
Facilitator - Tommy Young, Arkansas Farmer, T&L Center Pivot Irrigation Dealer
Facilitator - NICK KING, Mississippi Irrigation Consultant, Precision King
Dealers/Distributors will be give an overview of what sensors and associated meters, dataloggers, and communication systems they offer and their costs. Also, what type of services and support they offer with their equipment and their costs? Researchers/producers will give their experiences with sensors and communications systems.