Insect Pest Management In Peanuts In The Mid-South
Presented by Dr. Jeff Gore

Associate Research and Extension Professor, Mississippi State University
The area planted to peanuts in the midsouthern U.S. has been expanding in recent years. Growers in this region face some unique challenges from an insect management standpoint. Considerable research is being conducted to evaluate the damage potential and management of several insect pests. Results from this research will be discussed.

Peanut Rotations: Is The Short-Term Gain Worth The Long-Term Pain?
Presented by Dr. Jason M. Sarver

Extension Peanut Agronomist, Mississippi State University
Because of the recent farm program and depressed prices for other commodities, peanut growers have been growing the crop continuously or in very short rotations. Both previous research from other states and experience in Mississippi indicate that disease pressure increases, while yield and profitability decrease, often in a very short time period, when rotations are shortened or abandoned. Management programs needed to grow profitable peanuts will vary greatly, both in the short- and long-term, depending on rotation practices.